Resource Sharing

Resource Sharing is a cooperative effort among independent blood centers designed to meet fluctuating blood component needs and address temporary blood shortages around the country. This philosophy recognizes that it is better to share units of blood and blood products that are not used in our local service areas with patients in the areas of the nation suffering from blood shortages. This practice ensures that the precious resources that you donate are not wasted through outdating, but instead are used to save lives.
Blood is a living tissue with a limited 42 day shelf life and platelets have an even shorter shelf-life of only five days. Because of this, a coalition of blood centers from around the country organized a program to utilize every unit of blood before it outdates and subsequently is discarded. This exchange of blood resources is facilitated by two National networks: The National Blood Exchange (NBE) sponsored by the American Association of Blood Banks and the Blood Centers of America (BCA) network.
SCBB first provides blood to meet the needs of patients in our local service areas. Only after those needs are met will blood products be shared with other communities. As stewards of the Gift of Life, we are responsible for managing donations so that they benefit someone, somewhere. SCBB is committed to seeing that all donations are utilized to their fullest extent.
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