Blood Donor Bill of Rights

Giving blood to help in the medical care of others merits respect, trust and appreciation. SunCoast Blood Bank's mission states: SunCoast Blood Bank provides a reliable supply of quality blood products and services to hospitals and health centers in need. Our singular purpose is to collect, test, process, match, store and distribute all the blood products required to serve the hospitals and health centers in our community. Donors and prospective donors should have full confidence in SunCoast Blood Bank and should expect the following from our organization and staff.
  • To receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition for donations and to be assured that all information about donations is handled with confidentiality, privacy and security.
  • To be assured that SunCoast Blood Bank meets or exceeds all federal, state, and industry regulations and standards in the collection and handling of blood donations.
  • To be informed of the ways in which SunCoast Blood Bank intends to use the blood it collects and be assured that donations are used for the purposes for which they are given.
  • To receive prompt, truthful and straightforward answers to questions about the donation process.
  • To be informed of the identity of SunCoast Blood Bank's governing board and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
  • To have access to SunCoast Blood Bank's most recent published financial information.
  • To be treated with courtesy and respect in all interactions with SunCoast Blood Bank and its representatives.
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